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How To Search The Catalog

Finding Books | Searching the Library Catalog | Reserving a Library Book | Status of an Item | Library Book Renewal

Finding Books

A.To find a specific book or journal or books and journals on a particular topic, start with the Library Catalog.
1.Find books by keywords.
2.Find books by words in the title.
3.Find books by words in the subject.
4.Find books with part of author/editor/translator.
5.Find books by a specific author/editor/translator.
6.Find books or journals by title.
7.Find books by a specific subject.
8.Find books by call number: A call number represents an item's subject matter and indicates the location on the shelf where the item can be found.  For western materials, the Libraries use a modified Dewey Decimal Classification system and for CJK materials,
New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries and the Ho Jih-Chang Chinese Decimal Classification system.
9.Find books or journals by ISBN/ISSN: an ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number and an ISSN, an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds.
B. Scope for Searches
1.Search by types of information resources:
  - View Entire Collection
  - Serials
  - E-Resources
  - Audio-Visual Materials
  - Dissertations & Theses
  - Special Collections
2.Search by locations:
  - Main library
  - Social Science Library: located in the General Building of Colleges, from the basement of North Building to the 2nd floor.
  - Commerce Library: located at the 4th floor of the College of Commerce.
  - Communication Library: located at the 3rd floor of College of Communication.
  - Social Sciences Information Center: theses & dissertations, serials, microfilms/microfiches, government publications.
  - Institute of International Relations Library: resources related to studies on Mainland China or international issues.
  - Affiliated Experimental Elementary School (AEES) Library, NCCU: services reserved only for AEES teachers and students.
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Searching the Library Catalog

A. General Search
	1.Select the field you want to restrict your search
	2.Enter the query keywords
	3.Select type of resources or location of the item (the default value is “All Locations”)
	4.Click the “Search” button
	5.If too many hits have been retrieved, please click “Modify Search” to refine.
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B. Advanced Search
	You may limit your search by location, type of resources, language, etc.
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C. Mark for Export and Save the Bibliographic Records

	1.Select the records you want to save, then click “Save Marked”. Or to save a whole page of bibliographic records, click “Save all Page”.
	2.The selected items will then be added to the “Cart List”.
	3.Click “Cart List” to see all the items you’ve chosen. You can then export the records by the format you've defined or edit the record lists.Or to delete the list, click “Clear Export List” icon. 
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Reserving a Library Book

1.If all copies of a title are on loan, there will be a “Request” button below the title or on the top of the full bibliographic record of this title.
2.Click on the “Request” button and enter your library card number and PIN to request a hold.   
3.If you know you won't need an item after a specific date, you can set a date for that hold to expire.
4.After submitting, a confirmation screen will then be displayed if the reservation is successful. The successfully requested items will be recorded to your personal loan records.
5.For more information, please refer to “Book Reservation”.
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Status of an Item

1. Available: item available for loan. 
2. Missing: Item has being declared missing/lost and currently not available for loan. 
3. In transit: Item on the way from one library to another, not yet available for loan. This can take up to 1 to 2 working days. 
4. Use/view in library: Microfilm/Microfiche, A-V materials and references are for use in the library only and cannot be borrowed out of library.   
5. Withdrawn: Item has been lost or weeded by the Libraries.
6. On hold shelf + N holds: Item awaiting collection at Loans Desk for the user who has reserved it and there are N number of users placed requests for it still waiting their turn. 
7. In process: Item received but still in the process of being cataloged, marked, determined its location, etc.; not available for loan, but can be requested. 
8. Course reserves: course reserves are materials that professors have identified to use for a class. 
9. Book displays: On the first floor of the Main Library, we have a display of 20 most recently acquired printed books which will be on the shelf for one week. These books will be temporarily not for loan but can be reserved.
10. Damaged: Item is damaged and being evaluated as in poor condition for loan.
11. To be weeded: Old or damaged books will be weeded according to the Library Weeding Policy.
12. Shifting: The Libraries may relocate some book sections because of overcrowding to make more room for future acquired books.  

Library Book Renewal

To renew a library item, simply log in to your library account and make the request. For more information, please refer to Renewing Books.